Frequently Asked Questions

What is the KC Shave Co. Shave Crate?

The shave crate is designed to deliver a barbershop experience to your home every three months.  Included in each crate is 25 double edged safety razor blades and the Holy Trinity of your shaving essentials.  Our small batch and hand crafted pre-shave oil, shave soap and aftershave tonic. 

How often are my deliveries?

We send out your products every three months.  This way you actually have time to use your product before getting a new delivery.

How are the boxes priced?

Each delivery is $59.95.  Total yearly cost of $239.80. 

Why would't I just buy off your website when I need products?

Well a few reasons. First, if you buy these products individually you will pay over $70 plus the cost of shipping.  Secondly, we designed the shipments to arrive right when you are running out of product. This helps to save precious brain power and eliminating the need to think about ordering your shaving essentials.  

Are you ready to subscribe to the Shave Crate?